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Chapter 80 Results mountain caption
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Yu Rou nodded and retrieved her Soul Waver.
Yuan also recorded away from shortly afterwards.
Yuan made an effort to grow frequently without improvement until eventually Yu Rou given back with all the meal.
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As soon as they had been exterior, Yuan retrieved his flying sword and jumped onto it with Yu Rou as part of his forearms.
Yu Rou proceeded simply to walk within that track with broad strides, clearly impatient to experience her new ability.
“Anyways, how made it happen go? Were definitely you capable of study the approach?”
Xiao Hua nodded, plus they descended to the floor a moment in the future.
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“That’s since only monsters above 7th amount Character Apprentice drop them,” he responded. “Do I recieve that correct, Xiao Hua?” he inquired her in the event that.
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“Impurities…?” Yu Rou brought up her eye brows. Precisely what does that even indicate?
“Decrease, Yu Rou. The monsters aren’t heading everywhere,” Yuan thought to her which has a grin following viewing her enthusiasm.
“Wind power Blade!”
Whenever the Green-eyed Fox spotted this, it immediately turned around and went gone.
“Just where might it be?” Yu Rou required whenever they landed.
“Uwa… Isn’t this approach like… a touch too effective?” Yu Rou understood this just after she witnessed the way the monster nearly increased in to a b.l.o.o.d.y clutter.
Yuan nodded, “Fine, where do you desire to go?”
But for the next couple of hours, until eventually it was time for dinner, Yu Rou would hunt monsters continuously utilizing her Wind flow Blade whilst Xiao Hua directed her round the forests.
“Hm? Oh, it’s practically nothing.” Yuan explained, not able to tell her about trying to grow in real life just yet— at the least not until he confirms that it really really works and he’s not simply going insane.
“You will have the success already, Health practitioner w.a.n.g? Which has been faster than I’d antic.i.p.ated,” Yu Rou said to him.
Nonetheless, because this is Yu Rou’s newbie with the talent and also the Mindset Waver, her intention was way away from goal, absent the Crimson-eyed fox by way of a prolonged golf shot.
The Blowing wind Blade do a bizarre flip during the surroundings well before flying to a tree and doing damage to it with ease.
“No, it’s great. There’s nothing at all I will do in this region in this short period of time, anyways.”
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“Brother… When did you end up? I didn’t allow you to be hang on very long, right?” she requested him.
“15 minutes eventually left?!” Her eyes widened with surprise after seeing that it’d used her nearly 10 hrs to understand one particular Mortal-get ranking procedure.
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“Wind power Blade!”
“Impurities…?” Yu Rou raised her eye brows. Precisely what does that even suggest?
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Wind flow Blade
The Wind flow Blade managed a weird transform in the air prior to traveling in a plant and ruining it with ease.
“That’s a Reddish colored-eyed Fox. These are generally nimble but poor. For those who don’t strike it along with your 1st attack, you won’t take a 2nd chance since it will run away,” Xiao Hua reported in a minimal voice.
Yuan nodded, “Okay, exactly where do you desire to go?”
Mastery Levels: 1
“Fantastic! Then let’s go!” Yu Rou explained.
“Un. Adios, Buddy Yuan.” Xiao Hua believed to him before disappearing within the necklace.

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