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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
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NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 2134 – Meet Hong Yifeng opposite infamous
Even Zhou Wenqun couldn’t guide frowning, but he didn’t dare to interrupt.
“May I understand what online business offer Mr. Hong wishes to talk to me?” Gu Ning questioned.
While doing so, Hong Yifeng possessed a plan to kidnap Gu Ning and get her about the marvelous power in Colaine drugs.
Discovering Hong Yifeng approaching, Jing Yunyao needed the evening-luminescent pearl that Gu Ning provided her and went in the planned motion.
Hong Yifeng had been a self-centered and arrogant person, so he didn’t take the time to point out humbleness to mortals.
Gu Ning was immediately amused by Hong Yifeng’s righteous and arrogant att.i.tude. He was the one that necessary to cooperate along with her, but his att.i.tude made her truly feel it was her who had to cooperate with him. He was really a really personal-structured businessman.
“Sure, where?” Gu Ning didn’t switch him lower, because it was what exactly she wished.
The truth is, right before they arrived below, Zhou Wenqun has been mentally ready, but he was still frustrated as he confronted it now. After all, it was subsequently an extremely lucrative online business!
At 2:30 pm, Hong Yifeng arrived. He delivered a 35-season-outdated person with him. This guy wasn’t a cultivator, he was a normal particular person having an surroundings of your elite.
Experiencing Hong Yifeng coming, Jing Yunyao took the night-luminescent pearl that Gu Ning brought her and walked in the designed track.
“How about in the corporation? What do you think, Miss out on Gu?” Hong Yifeng reported.
At 2:30 pm, Hong Yifeng appeared. He introduced a 35-year or so-classic man with him. This mankind wasn’t a cultivator, he was an ordinary particular person with the oxygen in the exclusive.
Hong Yifeng made an effort to influence Gu Ning to work with him, despite having coercion and bribery, but Gu Ning was established and turned him decrease.
Hong Yifeng’s att.i.tude wasn’t accepted to produce bargains frequently. He annoyed people, so no-one will be pleased to work with him.
“Thank you Mr. Hong, for the endorsement of Colaine, but right from the start, I actually have no plan to cooperate with any one. However some of Colaine prescription drugs are in brief source, it will be sorted out in the four weeks. I have already founded other production facilities, that happen to be almost accomplished and might start off generation before long. The Shengning Organization has ample capital, so there is not any must work in producing medications. When I require collaboration, my own family members will likely be my primary choice. Of course, an individual shouldn’t allow for rewards produced by one’s very own work to collect to others!” Gu Ning mentioned.
Hong Yifeng attempted to influence Gu Ning to work with him, regardless of coercion and bribery, but Gu Ning was decided and made him straight down.
Ultimately, Hong Yifeng was angry which he immediately transformed around and eventually left angrily.
“Medicines.” Hong Yifeng claimed, “I’m very optimistic about Ms. Gu’s Colaine Prescription drug Business. Furthermore, i know Colaine medicinal drugs have been in short offer, so it is best to work together with other providers given the present predicament. However Lingzhitang Pharmaceutical drug Corporation isn’t a big prescription business, it’s already a period of time-recognized product with a very good track record. We are a professional associate. Consequently, I hope we can easily communicate to start a creation production line to make sure that Colaine medicinal drugs can meet the requirements of your marketplace.”
“Sure, exactly where?” Gu Ning didn’t flip him downward, because it was just what she wished for.
Zhou Wenqun’s att.i.tude was quite different from Hong Yifeng’s. Zhou Wenqun was very type, there was faint enjoyment in their speech, because he admired and reputed Gu Ning.
Could be Hong Yifeng didn’t know this industry definitely, but Zhou Wenqun knew it well. Right after Colaine started to be well-known, there were clearly a great number of suppliers who planned to cooperate using it. However, so far, none of them became popular. The trouble was that they didn’t connect with Gu Ning’s needs, or Gu Ning didn’t want to work with anyone in anyway.
As soon as Hong Yifeng left behind the Shengning Firm, he suddenly felt a bit of marvelous power not far. It was very genuine, as though it has come from cherish.
Since Jing Yunyao’s level was a lot higher than Hong Yifeng’s, Jing Yunyao could experience Hong Yifeng’s surroundings of cultivators from far away, but Hong Yifeng couldn’t good sense her. He could only sensation the enchanting energy on the night-luminescent pearl.
Without delay, Hong Yifeng questioned Zhou Wenqun to stop the automobile, he then bought off. He shared with Zhou Wenqun to go back initially, and immediately went within the course the enchanting power got their start in.
Nevertheless, it had been difficult to say whether he might have the opportunity.
The fact is, just before they came up right here, Zhou Wenqun was mentally geared up, but he was still dissatisfied as he presented it now. In fact, it absolutely was a very money-making enterprise!
“Sure, exactly where?” Gu Ning didn’t turn him downwards, because it was specifically what she desired.
The fact is, well before they originated listed here, Zhou Wenqun have been mentally made, but he was still let down when he experienced it now. Naturally, it absolutely was an extremely profitable online business!
“How about within your organization? What do you think, Miss Gu?” Hong Yifeng explained.
Immediately after Hong Yifeng remaining the Shengning Corporation, he suddenly noticed a bit of magical potential not distant. It had been very genuine, as if it got their start in treasure.
Could be Hong Yifeng didn’t know this field clearly, but Zhou Wenqun recognized it effectively. Immediately after Colaine grew to be preferred, there had been quite a few retailers who needed to work with it. Nevertheless, so far, none succeeded. The problem was they can didn’t fulfill Gu Ning’s demands, or Gu Ning didn’t want to cooperate with anyone in any respect.
For the reason that Jing Yunyao’s level was better than Hong Yifeng’s, Jing Yunyao could truly feel Hong Yifeng’s surroundings of cultivators from far, but Hong Yifeng couldn’t sense her. He could only sensation the awesome potential of the evening-luminescent pearl.
In fact, prior to they emerged below, Zhou Wenqun ended up being mentally well prepared, but he was still let down when he dealt with it now. In fact, it was subsequently a really profitable business!
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The good thing is, Hong Yifeng also realized that he came to speak about assistance with Gu Ning, so he didn’t put on airs when in front of Gu Ning. He welcomed Gu Ning politely. “Miss Gu, h.e.l.lo, my surname is Hong. I am Hong Yifeng.”
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Ability to hear that, Hong Yifeng was displeased. He felt Gu Ning didn’t enjoy his sort provide.

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